Sunday, September 4, 2011

Captain's Log: Stardate 65176.4

This is painful. There are so many things in life where the first time you do it is awkward. Riding a bike, kissing a girl/boy, peeing your pants in school, bumping into your pastor at the strip club...the list goes on.

Add "writing your first blog post" to that list.

A blog is a strange thing. On one hand it's personal. A collection of your own musings, witticisms, diatribes. It can be a therapeutic and revealing way to explore your inner self. Okay that last part is pretty much crap but you get the point. On the other hand you can't help but want to provide entertainment value or some other redeeming qualities in your posts, otherwise it's basically publishing an online diary and let's face it, most of us just aren't interesting enough that the Internet would tune in daily to see what earth-shaking or hilarious adventures are consuming our lives.

So how do you start? It's like showing up at the worlds biggest party and wondering how to get people to notice that you just walked in the room ever so fashionably late but with oh so much to offer that everyone should be crapping their pants at the thought of not hearing every bloody word that you say! There are proven methods to reach this goal, but unfortunately for me they all involve a careful balance of beautiful, well-planned genetics, fame in television, or movies, and leaked sex tapes.

So the rest of us hideously deformed, socially invisible blogger wanna-be's are left to wallow in angst and frustration over how to launch our killer blog. Do we spend days crafting an epic post worth of inclusion in the annals of Internet history? Do we type a simple "Yo. This is my blog. Check it...Yo." just to get it over with? Do we abandon our creatively written hopes entirely and resign ourselves to a life in sales or accounting or.....I.T.? I wish I knew the answer.

I guess all this is to say that like so many things, the first blog post is always the hardest. Everything afterwards is trivial by comparison. This blog will be like so many others. Personal and self-absorbed at times. Hopefully witty, informative, therapeutic and entertaining at others. I don't know which direction or how long it will go.

But at least I got my first post out of the way.


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