Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Within and Without by Washed Out

The music is even better than the
album cover.
Chillwave. Synthpop. Lo-fi. The jury seems to still be in deliberations on the official genre for this stuff. I'm sticking with Chillwave because I like the sound of it and it's pretty much what I do when I listen to is. Chill. Okay I don't wave.

I'll admit I'm pretty new to this genre of music, but what I've heard so far I like. And Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) is at the top of my list. His latest effort Within and Without sets the bar high enough to earn a coveted spot on my "Albums You Should Just Buy Without Even Hearing Any Songs First" list.

As a die-hard fan of Ernest's previous album Life of Leisure, I don't feel any of the tracks on the latest album match the vibe and energy of New Theory (best track off Life of Leisure in my opinion), but the album is solid sonically, diverse, and should please any chillwave fan and likely make a few new ones.

Bust out your credit card and head over to iTunes.


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  1. The album cover COULD have been soo much better... lol! ~Klaiton